Solicitation: Inclusivity in manufacturing

The Prepared is actively soliciting original content on diversity, equity, and inclusion in manufacturing and related fields. Abstracts will be accepted on a rolling basis, and there is no limitation to either the number of submissions per applicant or the number of proposals that will be accepted. If you’re the sort of person who likes deadlines, we typically review applications at 16:00 EDT on Friday.

Priority will be given to proposals that focus on works, narratives, and news.  We’re particularly interested in fresh perspectives and new angles, content that hasn’t been adequately covered elsewhere.

Applications can be submitted using the form below. Keep the following guidelines in mind as you submit your proposal:

  • An empathetic, thoughtful, and credible voice is preferred.

  • Proposals will be judged on the degree to which they promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in manufacturing, engineering, and related fields.

  • First person narratives, editorials, market analyses, individual and/or organization profiles, and other formats are all welcome.

  • We’re looking for proposals that speak to the audience of the Prepared: wide-ranging in age and demographic makeup, with a shared interest in manufacturing.

  • Applications should be free of commercial language and should not be read as advertisements for any company's products.

  • Final articles may be 1000-10000 words.

  • Authors will retain the right to distribute (with attribution) their writing under a permissive license.

Submit your proposals below! We look forward to seeing them.

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