The Prepared is hiring an operations manager

In order to help grow, improve, and streamline our operation, is hiring a part time operations manager. Responsibilities will include:

  • Helping to produce internal & sponsor reports

  • Managing The Prepared’s Twitter account

  • Helping to tag, sort, and archive content from The Prepared’s newsletter

  • Identifying & researching content for The Prepared’s newsletter & original writing

Ideal candidates should:

  • Subscribe to The Prepared’s newsletter & podcast

  • Be innately curious, especially about manufacturing and related fields

  • Manage their own interesting internet presence

  • Be available for 5-10 hours of work per week

  • Be more than proficient with Google Docs and be comfortable with Airtable, Squarespace, and MailChimp

  • Use one space after periods and appreciate the benefits of the metric system and 24-hour time

  • Be the kind of person who takes the trash out because it needs to be done, not because they’re asked to

  • Have a high degree of empathy and a tendency to question their own biases is located in NYC, but remote candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. To do so, fill in the form below.

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(Around) When did you subscribe to The Prepared?
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