Centerline Labs & The Public Radio

The Prepared's inaugural (and rather unpolished) episode! A conversation between Zach Dunham and Spencer Wright about The Public Radio on the eve of its Kickstarter relaunch. We discuss the past four years of working on The Public Radio as a side project, and its future as a product and business. 

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A few notes for the episode:

The much-referred-to sketch of The Public Radio's goals

  • Spencer's 2014 blog post on the economics & potential outcomes for The Public Radio's first Kickstarter campaign.
  • Zach's 2015 blog post opening up Centerline Labs' books and explaining when and how we spent our Kickstarter funds.
  • The much-referred-to sketch of The Public Radio's goals (right).
  • The 99% Invisible episode in which The Public Radio was plugged, which ended up pushing us to finally launch it as a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Some photos from one of our big "manufacturing salons" in the old Undercurrent Soho office.