MSA Comfo Classic respirator

comfo classic-1.jpg

Look: Disposable paper respirators are a joke. If you’re working with dust, adhesives, solvents, or anything else inhalable then you need something comfortable, and airtight, like this MSA Comfo Classic respirator.

Paper respirators are ubiquitous on jobsites and in workshops, but they’re incredibly ineffective. Without a reliable seal, respirators don’t actually filter anything - and when gaps appear around the nose (which they often do when using paper filters) they often result in eye protection fogging.

The MSA Comfo Classic makes an excellent seal, and is comfortable for long periods of use. Its replaceable inhalation & exhalation valves make it easy to breathe, and cartridge filters are available for all sorts of filtration applications. The respirator’s head straps are comfortable and keep it firmly attached to the face - and allow for a combination of eye, ear, and head protection to be worn as well.