PB Swiss Insider Stubby 1/4" bit holder

pb swiss stubby-1.jpg

We’ve tried a lot of mini screwdriver handles, and PB Swiss’s PB-8453 Insider Stubby is the nicest once we’ve ever seen.

Stubby bit holders are extremely handy, and a must-have for any general field tool kit. But most of them are poorly built and uncomfortable to use, resulting in a lot of wasted effort and lost bits. The PB-8453 Insider Stubby keeps its six bit inserts stored securely inside the handle, resulting in a clean appearance. And the handle of the bitholder is coated in soft touch material, making it very comfortable to use.

Of course, the PB-8453 doesn’t eliminate the need for a full sized multi-screwdriver (we recommend the Wera Kraftform Kompakt 25). We also recommend dedicated stubby screwdrivers (Wera’s Kraftform line is excellent) for shop use.