Bahco 325 hacksaw

bahco hacksaw-1.jpg

In most shops, hacksaws are treated as an afterthought - a tool to be used in case of emergencies. Made of stamped steel and often abused, they’re miserable to use and ugly to look at. But Bahco’s 325 Professional Hacksaw is a cut above the rest.

Hacksaws cut on the push stroke, and need to be properly tensioned in order to be effective. Bahco’s tensioning system is excellent, enabling both high blade tension and quick blade changes. The 325’s frame is strong and its overmolded grips are surprisingly comfortable, making fast and comfortable work of any light metal-cutting task.


Knipex 5" Electronic Super Knips

kipex knips-1.jpg

Electronic nips are ubiquitous, and most of them leave a lot to be desired - poor material quality, poor ergonomics, and mediocre pivot design. The Knipex 78-41-125 5" Electronic Super Knips are an excellent upgrade.

They feature a stable hinge for precisely aligned blades, excellent build quality, and Kipex’s characteristic ergonomic shape. They also have a convenient lead catcher which prevents cuttings from flying into your eyes, and are available in a range of cutting styles and handle materials.


Kai 6-2/3" scissors

kai scissors-1.jpg

Kai makes an absolutely magnificent scissor - delicate yet sturdy, sharp, and serviceable as all getout. The Kai 7170 6-2/3” scissors are a compact, versatile model suitable for fine work.

Scissors are often seen as an office utility, subject to abuse and common theft. Kai treats them as true cutting tools, to be treated with the same respect as a chisel or straight razor. The 7170 model is lightweight and just a little on the small side, with a fine point and ergonomic, overmolded handles.