Mechanix Material4X Gloves

mechanix gloves-1.jpg

For situations requiring both tactical control and a bit of protection, Mechanix gloves perform great. We’ve tested a variety of mechanics’ gloves and prefer Material4X Original gloves for everyday use.

Mechanics’ gloves are durable, but should still allow a reasonable degree of dexterity; expect them to do well with fastener sizes down to about 6 mm or 1/4”. They’re built for handling wrenches, pliers, and power tools, and are especially good for automotive work.

The Mechanix Material4X gloves have a synthetic palm which is softer than leather but still reasonably durable. They’re fully washable, and with care will last for many months of rough, daily use. They’re also popular as full-finger cycling gloves, and are available in high visibility configurations as well.

For lighter work, we recommend nitrile exam gloves and nitrile foam coated nylon gloves.

Medline AloeTouch Ice nitrile gloves

medline gloves-1.jpg

For quick work requiring a delicate touch, nitrile gloves are a shop staple. We prefer Medline’s AloeTouch Ice gloves.

Nitrile gloves are ubiquitous, and allow for high degrees of dexterity; they’re thinner than vinyl gloves and good for a wide range of shop tasks. Some shops stock black nitrile gloves (which do look cool), but we prefer green: It shows grease and grime well, ensuring that you don’t gunk up your clothes without realizing it.

These gloves are powder free and latex free, reducing the risk of skin reactions. If you’re careful you can typically get 2-3 uses out of them, but for extended use you may want to consider nitrile foam coated nylon or mechanics’ gloves instead.