Knipex adjustable pliers wrench

knipex pliers-1.jpg

Knipex adjustable pliers wrenches are an absolute must-have for any shop. Few tools are as good at what they do as Knipex adjustable pliers wrenches are.

Most mechanics are used to crescent wrenches, which are good for rough work but tend to splay as torque is applied - resulting in stripped nuts and banged-up knuckles. Knipex adjustable pliers wrenches eliminate this risk by increasing clamping force as torque is applied. They’re also a lot quicker to adjust, and are available in a wide range of configurations, each tailored for a specific task.

If you’re looking to try Knipex pliers wrenches out, we recommend starting with this 7” model - but discerning mechanics will quickly want a full range of sizes. This 7”, 10”, and 12” set is totally worth the cost, and each wrench will quickly become one of your favorite tools.