Wera Tool-Check Plus

tool check plus-1.jpg

The Wera Tool-Check Plus is a fantastic tool kit, capable of a wide range of driving, wrenching, and general field work. It is an excellent basis for any travel tool set.

With 28 bits and 7 sockets, the Tool-Check Plus covers a wide range of fastener types and sizes; anything more and you’ll want an electronics kit like the iFixit Mako. The Tool-Check Plus also includes a mini ratchet (cute!), a small screwdriver handle, and Wera’s Rapidaptor, which allows bits to be quick-changed and installed in a drill/driver.

Note that the screwdriver handle that comes with the Tool-Check Plus is a little on the small side, which is great for portability but can be limiting. We prefer to travel with a Kraftform Kompakt 25, which is larger and mates very well with the Tool-Check.

We recommend the Tool-Check Plus to everyone who asks; it’s an absolutely wonderful tool.