We love good tools, and think you should too. Here are some of our favorites.


Personal protective equipment

tool guide-3.jpg

Disposable gloves

A shop essential.

tool guide-14.jpg

Mechanic's gloves

Mechanix gloves fit great and come in a wide variety of styles for every working condition.

tool guide-6.jpg


This Comfo Classic respirator is *way* better than the paper ones most shops stock. Strongly recommended.

tool guide-16.jpg

Eye protection

These 3M glasses have detachable side protectors that keep dust and other foreign objects out for good.


Hand tools

tool guide-7.jpg

Knipex wrench

It's mind boggling to me that I lasted so long on channel lock pliers when these are *so* much better.

tool guide-11.jpg

Metric blue allen keys

Mind your colors! Blue for metric, black for Imperial.

tool guide-17.jpg


Having clear *and* red *and* the diffuser is really useful. Always have one of these in your toolbox.

tool guide-22.jpg

Benchmade Mini Griptillian

By far the best pocket knife I've ever owned.

tool guide-4.jpg

RJ45 EZ crimpers

Making your own network cable changes your life, and using EZ crimpers is the only way to do it.

tool guide-18.jpg

Lie-Nielsen small block plane

Probably the most beautiful tool in the shop.

tool guide-10.jpg

Utility knife

I've been using these Stanley utility knives for about 15 years, and I can't imagine going back to the cheap ones.

tool guide-20.jpg

Stubby multi-screwdriver

Cheap, easy, and sturdy.

tool guide-21.jpg

Wiha electronics screwdrivers

These come in a variety of tip styles and are comfortable to use over long periods of time.

tool guide-23.jpg

Rip hammer

Good for all around work, from hanging pictures to light framing & demolition.

tool guide-2.jpg

Hand countersink

*So* handy.


Power tools

tool guide-13.jpg

Impact driver & drill

There's no excuse for using a drill to drive screws.

tool guide-5.jpg

Festool. Period.

Once you buy in to Festool, it's hard to imagine using anything else.


Measurement, testing & inspection

tool guide-8.jpg

Stabila levels

The best.

tool guide-12.jpg

Metric tape measure

Measuring in centimeters and millimeters makes everything simpler.

tool guide-19.jpg

Fluke multimeter


tool guide-24.jpg

PCB tool

Extremely handy, these have template packages & other nice features for embedded design.

tool guide-9.jpg

Non-contact thermometer

Fast and *so* useful.

tool guide-15.jpg

Imperial tape measure

Because you still need inches :/

tool guide-25.jpg

Mitutoyo caliper

I'm sorry: Digital is just *so* much easier.


Desk & office

tool guide-1.jpg

Field Notes

Whether for note-taking, sketching, or to-do lists, having paper around still makes a *ton* of sense.

tool guide-26.jpg

A paper McMaster-Carr catalog

Good work, if you can get it ;)


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