Ste 332

NYC’s co-manufacturing space


Ste 332 is The Prepared’s co-manufacturing space in Brooklyn. Our well-outfitted shop is perfect for individuals and small teams making and selling any kind of hardware.

If you’re working on physical projects in NYC, you know how hard it is to find an affordable, convenient workshop. Ste 332 is organized to be flexible, offering just the right amenities for you to build your business.

Ste 332 members get access to countless fabrication tools, inventory storage, a professional conference area, and easy shipping & receiving of palletized goods. Ste 332 is located in the heart of North Brooklyn’s product distribution district, making it an ideal place to build and ship your first 10,000 products as you focus on building a lasting business.

Memberships start at $200/mo for flex access and $300/mo for a dedicated workbench or desk. To schedule a visit, get in touch below.

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